Jam Room Sessions is a great place to hear different mics in different applications.

If yer an audio engineer you gotta bookmark this Recording Guide written by Roger Nichols.

293 Record Producers talking on camera about production. If you know who worked on your favorite records, you can probably find out what mic they used on the snare drum here.

Sound On Sound’s Secrets Of The Mix Engineers articles database.

Q&A with Eric Valentine.

Wanna tune yer guitar like a pro? Scroll a quarter of the way down for the good stuff.

Music Theory has only helped me, not hurt me so stop bitching about why you think it’s useless and wise up today.

RhymeZone is my favorite place to go when I’m working on lyrics.

You can say what you want about John Mayer but this video series of a clinic he did at Berklee will only benefit the way you think about music and a career.


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